Board of Directors for 2017-2018

The SCVQA board is elected by SCVQA members. The nominating committee looks for and receives nominations for open board positions in the spring. The nominees are announced to the members. At the July and August meetings the board members are voted for by the members. Board terms start in October.

Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at Lexus of Stevens Creek Board Room, 3333 Stevens Creek Blvd., San Jose 95117 .


If you have incurred expenses on behalf of SCVQA, please submit an expense report to the Treasurer.

Board Members

Click on job title to read job description.
Click on a name to send email to that board member at their SCVQA email address.
Board members whose names aren't clickable have no SCVQA email address. To send email to these people, look up their email addresses in your roster, or send email to, and it will be passed along to them. Note that mail that gets forwarded might take several days to be delivered.


Term Ends
President Shelagh Deming Sept 2018
First VP Betty Eastham Sept 2019
2nd VP/Programs Andrea Fleiner / Isabel Rodriguez Sept 2018
3rd VP/Programs Joni Strother / Gayle Visher Sept 2019
Rec. Secretary Chaya Bijani Sept 2018
Treasurer Jane Wegner Sept 2019
Parliamentarian Pat Cox Sept 2018
Membership Nancy Wills Sept 2018

Standing Committees

Term Ends
Historian John Palmer--Morning meetings
Pam Lonero--Evening meetings
Sept 2018
Newsletter Randa Mulford / Sue Frame Sept 2019
Community Quilts Jean Richards Sept 2018
Quilt Show TBD Sept 2015
Ways & Means Joyce Tachner Sept 2018
Webmaster Patty Hair Sept 2018

Ad Hoc Committees

Block Party Amy Witherow
Sharon Freison
Karel Peer
Boutique/Donations Joyce Tachner Appointed
Fat Quarter Frenzy Sandie Ehrman
Pat Whittemore
Lucky Day Baskets Julianne Simone Appointed
Newsletter Mailing Roberta Pabst Appointed
Quilts as Women's Shelter Marie Strait Appointed
Retreats-In Town Donna Prime Appointed
Retreats-Marin Sheila Collins Appointed
Saturday Quilt 'Til You Wilt Marilyn Nickel Appointed
Quilting 101 LaNelle Wilkinson
Ileane Hassel
Small Quilt Groups Jean Richards Appointed
Social Media Janet Gomez Appointed


If you have difficulty using the links that bring up email, you can right click on a name and copy the email address to your clipboard; then paste it into your email application.

  • If you use Yahoo mail you can find instructions here on how to configure your browser and email to talk to each other.
  • If you use Gmail you can find instructions here on how to configure your browser and email to talk to each other.